Common Test for Medical college admission

Health Ministry of India clears Common Test for Medical college admission 

J P Nadda, Union Health Minister has approved the recommendation for an amendment to the IMC (Indian Medical Council), which empower it to hold a national level common Medical Entrance Exam.  Health Ministry of India has organized a draft cabinet note to circulate that “Health Ministry clears Common Test for Medical college admission in India ” admission among the ministries.

Ministry clears Common Test for Medical college admission in India  to cover the way for a one country, one medical exam plan for undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses in all colleges contain deemed university and private medical colleges.

MCI ask the Health Ministry government that, it can moreover notify an existing exam such as AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test), as common test or notify new exam.

IMC Act governs the working of MCI, which regulate the medical education. In the present Act, role of it is to limit finalising curriculum of medical, while the state and individual medical college can devise its own procedure for admission.

However last year in October, the general body of MCI passed proposal to amend the Act in order to empower it to organize a common entrance test. But earlier attempt to conduct common entrance test did not pass muster with Supreme Court as it was undertaken through only a notifying change in the rules, without original amending Act.

Common Test for Medical college admission

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for PG (Post Graduate) was conducted in November – December 2012 and NEET for UG (Under Graduate) was conducted in May 2013. Approximately 80 petitions were filed by minority institutes, private colleges and some state governments go to the Supreme Court.

General body of MCI has recommended to government that it must be empowered to prescribe test, whether it is conduct by National Board of Exam such as NEET, or some other body is call that can be taken afterwards.

Student want admission in the both under graduate medical college and post graduate medical college and also required criss croos the country, appear in many entrance test. Sometime student pay huge fee. Common Test for Medical college admission in India  is long standing demand of students, but it is oppose by private and minority institute and also by some state government.

The NEET plan too faced opposition right from the beginning. The original plan was implemented in 2012-2013 session, but it had to be delayed due to opposition from states.  Health Ministry agreed to conduct entrance exam in six regional languages – Assamese, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Bangla, however private institute still have objection.

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