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Disadvantage of wearing high heels

Today some many women are wearing high heels. But everyone is not aware with the Disadvantage of wearing high heels.  Wearing high heels is become most common fashion trade. Every one like become stylish, so everyone like to wear high heels. So here we provide the information about the Disadvantage of wearing high heels.

Below is the list of Disadvantage of wearing high heels

Joint Pain


Wearing heels prevent your foot from naturally rotating as you walk, since they are forced into a straight and unbending position. This causes the knee to absorb the brunt of every step that can lead to some joint pain.



When you force your feet into too-tight shoes which force your feet into unnatural shape, it make pressure on the area of feet & toes. After long of wear heels, our skin become hardens. It is not big issue in winter, but in summer you face problem to don   your strappy sandals while feet are riddled with callouses.

Shortened Achilles Tendon


When you use heel in the lifted situation, heel may create a physiologically change in the muscles and tendons in the area of ankles. When you wear flats & shoes, which cause the heel to each the ground, the wearer can feel huge ache and stretches.

Lower Back Pain



High heels really cause your pelvis to press on forward when you walk or stand, placing tremendous force on the lower back and causing.

Lack of cushion


When you use heels, your whole body weight is placed on the ball of your foot. As some surgeons really insert Botox into your feet to add stuffing and make heels extra comfortable. Without more padding on the ball of your foot, heels may turn into vastly uncomfortable and painful.

Ingrown Toenails


High heels are commonly pointy or almond shaped toe, despite the fact that the end of your foot is actually squarer. It is the biggest & littlest toes which take a lot of the pressure as they push against side and end of the shoe.

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