Top 5 Super Seeds with Amazing Benefits

Top 5 Super Seeds with Amazing Benefits

Here are Top 5 Super Seeds with Amazing Benefits that health specialists around the world suggest people have to include in their diet. Sprinkle these over your baked dishes & breakfast cereal for a health boost.

Good things are available little packages. In the world of wellness, super seeds embody this truism like no other food. Packed with necessary nutrients as well as multiple health benefits, they’re nature’s precious gifts to humanity.

Here are Top 5 Super Seeds with Amazing Benefits:-

Chia seeds

Vegetarians miss out on omega 3 fatty acids as they can’t eat seafood. A simple solution to their dietary dilemma is chia seeds that are good source of this nutrient. They’re as well strongly packed with protein and fibre.

Benefits: Chia seeds decrease the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Studies have established that their constant use lowers blood pressure. They are suggested to dieters since they provide the feeling of being full; therefore you are less likely to overeat.

How to use: They’re tasteless therefore you will add them to smoothes, breakfast cereals or baked goods.


Flaxseed is low in calories, high in protein, fibre & alpha linolenic acid, a plant based omega 3 fatty acid.

Benefits: Flaxseed combats free radicals and develops digestive and cardiovascular health.

How to Use: The best method for the body to digest and absorb flaxseed is within the ground form. Therefore, include ground flaxseed to your breakfast items like oatmeal, cereal, and pancakes and spread it over yogurt.

Pumpkin Seeds

An excellent source of vitamin E, zinc and manganese, pumpkin seeds also include some type of hard to find antioxidants. A one tablespoon has 4.7 gm of healthy fats.

Benefits: They improve immunity, and regulate insulin levels.

How to use: Use as garnish over soups, salads & stir fry veggies or noodles, or munch on them plain.

Sesame Seeds

Desi foodies can like them for the nutty flavour & crunch. Sesame seeds are rich in copper, calcium and magnesium.

Benefits: They boost levels of vitamin E in the body, develop heart health and improve the immune system. Studies prove they will reduce risk of many scleroses.

How to use: Sprinkle kindly to add crunch as well as health to salads, fish, breakfast, chicken, yogurt and cereals.

Sunflower seeds

High in good fats, specifically monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, sunflower seeds are therefore good to taste you will be able to snack on them plain once hunger strikes.

Benefits: They need a high concentration of vitamin E, compared to other sources, making them good for your skin and hair. Sunflower seeds are good for the bones as they’re high in magnesium.

How to use: Snack on them, include them to breads, salads and soups or sprinkle over cold cuts.

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