Signs of Colon Cancer

Signs of Colon Cancer

Colorectal cancer commonly referred as colon or bowel cancer may be a cancer from uncontrolled cell growth in the colon or rectum or in the appendix. Colon cancer is prone to individuals above the age of fifty. Colon cancer is affected by stress & unhealthy eating habits. However genetics and inflammatory bowel diseases are the most important reasons of colon cancer. Hence, we provide you Signs of Colon Cancer that one should not ignore.

Causes of Colon Cancer:

Risk factors for colon disease contain old age, a history of colitis disease, smoking, a family history of the cancer. Some studies have also connected diets high in animal fat, low in vegetables, fruits and fibre to an increased risk.

Signs of Colon Cancer:


Blood in stool converts to loss of blood in your body. This may result in lack of blood that means anaemia is another Sign of Colon Cancer. Anaemia in colon cancer patients must to be enhanced to fight cancer and boost survival chances.


Fatigue is one sign that affects most of us; however that doesn’t imply that we all have colon cancer. If you feel fatigue convoy by other Signs of Colorectal Cancer then you must be concerned. Fatigue may be a result of low blood level.

Blood in Stool:

This is the main Sign of Colon Cancer and for other types of cancer. Dark patches or blood in stool or on it’s the foremost sign of colon cancer. The feel of the stool as well changes, instead of solid stools, colon cancer patients can experience long & thin stools.

Weight loss:

Weight loss is unexplained, but is also a main symptom. Considerable weight loss over a few months without any obvious cause, i.e. unexplained weight loss, will be one of the most important warning signs that you may be suffering from cancer.

Discomfort in stomach:

Inflammation, pain, Cramps & bloating feeling of the stomach are several of the Signs of Colorectal Cancer. Distress in the stomach is also the due to tears in the stomach. However stomach pain is unusual in colon cancer.

Change in bowel movement:

This will be an agonising problem, change in bowel movement means that you have to change your eating habits that contains that you could have to skip on certain favourite food. Change in bowel movement merely means you will experience diarrhea, constipation and a sense that your bowel is not empty, rectal cramping.

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