Side Effects of Painkillers

Side Effects of Painkillers

The painkiller is useful in many situations but painkiller has following disadvantages. Following are some Side Effects of Painkillers.

  • Due to painkillers, aching problems can increase, a person may experience back pain, headache, neck pain etc.
  • Painkillers may cause blurred vision problem in some case. In some people, spidery lines at the edge of the vision are also observed. People knowledge vision problem if the side effects of pain killers are very strong and severe.
  • In some cases, skin problems may be caused by painkillers in the person who have sensitive skin all over the body.
  • Some painkillers make the mouth dry as they decrease the production of the salivary glands. To treat the problem of Dry mouth, you have to drink water or other fluids.
  • When you consume painkillers in a wrong method, they may cause
    Side Effects of Painkillers

    . Different people can’t tolerate morphine that contained in painkillers so they experience nausea and queasiness.

  • Giddiness is another side effect to painkillers. They guide to sleepiness as they numb the body’s receptors that make pain. A feeling of take it simple is caused by this.
  • Respiratory problems are also commonly observed in the people who take lots of painkillers. They may cause complexity in breathing, smallness of inhalation and thinning of the chest. Still respiratory fail and death may be caused by them.

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