Prevention of Heart Disease

Prevention of Heart DiseaseHeart failure is a condition in which the heart fails to operate correctly.Often; it is taken for a condition in which the heart suddenly and completely fails. In this condition the heart no longer pumps blood effectively. Congestive heart failure is treated with digitalis or vasodilators and if accompanied by solution retention, a combination of diuretics.

To avoid heart failure, we must prevent the different forms of heart-disease that guide to it. To avoid  coronary heart disease eat a healthy, balance diet, control your blood pressure and cholesterol level, maintain a normal body weight, exercise regularly and don’t smoke. Limit alcohol use to one to two drinks per day. Some types of heart failure cannot be avoided. Below are some tips for Prevention of Heart Disease.

Know the Symptoms:

The early symptoms of heart failure are fault, reduce ability to exercise, swelling in ankles and legs, shortness of breath, difficulty in sleeping and overactive bladder. When you experience more than one of these sign, consult your doctor.

Lower your Cholesterol:

By changing your diet and exercise, try to lesser your cholesterol. Create a healthy diet that is low in cholesterol and soaked fat. If you weight more according to BMI index, exercise frequently to lose some weight.

Lower your BP (Blood Pressure):

High blood pressure can be the reasons behind heart attack and heart conditions.Eat a diet little in sodium to keep your blood pressure in the healthy choice. In addition eat a lot of fruits and vegetable.

Family History:

If you have someone in the family with BP(Hypertension),Diabetes or heart diseases, you are at high risk for these condition including the heart failure risk. You need to be extra careful and pay attention to the early symptoms of these conditions so that there can be an early diagnosis and more effective treatment of these condition that can lead heart failure.


Like other muscles you need to exercise heart to keep it healthy. Do the low intensity exercises daily for at 10 minutes to keep your heart strong. Be alert about over exerting. If you are at higher risk ask doctor what exercises are secure for you. Yoga is one easy exercise that can help manage stress and improve strength, balance and flexibility.

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