Paris Hilton wants Normal Boyfriend

Paris Hilton wants Normal Boyfriend

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton said that she wants a simple lover. According to the report, The 34 year’s old heiress has been single since splitting from model River Vipperi last year and though she insists she’s currently too busy to date anyone, when she is ready for love again, the socialite does not want to romance anyone in the public eye.

Hilton said, I never been single in my life but now I’m single, and i like it. I am now feeling independent and free. I had dated a celebrity’s, but now i don’t like it because you can’t trust them. She said that instead of that i want to be with a common and good boy, whose hearts is big, trustworthy and wise. He makes me laugh and also be so cute.

Although, Paris Hilton is still single, but she says that she would like to get marry one day and have children. She said that one day I would like to marry and have family but now I am too busy with my work and travel. My preoccupation is so high that at the moment i cannot date anyone.

The singer Paris Hilton feels more comfortable with herself as she has grown up older. She also added, “I feel like i really know myself now. I feel like woman and I am very happy and fulfilled. In fact, i have never been happier.”