Harmful effects of excess sugar

Harmful effects of excess sugar

Sugar will be addictive, but its too much consumption can cause health issues. So, as much as you will, avoid a sugar glut.

Harmful effects of excess sugar:-

  • The everyday suggested intake of sugar is not more than 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men.
  • Sugar has calories other than none of the vitamins or minerals that our body wants.
  • Most of us eat too much sugar without realising it. It’s well hidden in processed foods. A single can of cold drink has 7 teaspoons of sugar. A huge serving of cold drink will have the maximum amount as 44 teaspoons.
  • Too much sugar accumulates in our bodies, causing health conditions like tooth decay, diabetes, obesity and impaired immune system.
  • Chocolates, candies, ice creams, desserts, canned fruit juices, fast food, pastries, alcoholic drinks and breakfast cereals have very high quantities of sugar.
  • Sugar substitutes are best for those suffering from obesity, diabetes and other health problems. People who eat sugar substitutes are able to considerably reduce their calories intake devoid of feeling hungry. Aspartame, stevia and sucralose are 3 sugar substitutes common worldwide that is now available in India too.
  • It is very important to reduce our every day consumption of sugar if we have to keep on healthy and avoid serious medical disorders as we tend to get older. Sugar substitutes are a sweet however safe way to satisfy our sweet tooth without compromising on health.

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