Disadvantages of drinking pure water

Disadvantages of drinking pure waterWater is the basic need for human and animal survival; pure water can be used in so many different ways with its own set of advantage and disadvantage. It is really up to your own ingenuity of how you will be able to make good use of its pureness. Pure water may be used on fish aquariums for example since it is pure enough to be free from all the harmful chemicals and impurities found in regular water such as chlorine and copper. You can also create better use of pure water in washing vehicles because of chemicals and impurities; pure water is pretty much the perfect from of water available for different usages besides drinking.

Pure water is the ideal liquid for hydration. But when you drink pure water with an unhealthy diet, it may have few harmful effects.

For an example, when your diet include primarily of unhealthy food and snacks, drinking pure water will not benefit you much due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Disadvantages of drinking pure waterPure water can also be a harmful if you exercise in high temperature, and you are on a no sodium diet. In this unusual case, drinking pure water will absorb the salts in your body which can cause serious complication. Always consult a physician prior to exercising on a no or low sodium diet.

As a general rule of thumb, always be sure to eat a healthy diet, including fresh fruit and vegetable. When a fresh food is not available, then addition with the correct daily vitamins so that water can be designated for the job it was meant for hydrating your body in its purest form.

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