Common Tongue Problems and Their Causes

Common Tongue Problems and Their Causes

Common Tongue Problems and Their CausesThe tongue, mostly made up of muscles, is used for tasting; swallowing and chewing food. It’s attached to the mouth’s floor and is covered with a mucus membrane. The upper surface of the tongue is enclosed with small bumps referred to as papilla that have most of the taste buds sitting on them. There are many problems that can affect your sores tongue swelling, causing pain & change in colour & texture. In some instances, while, a discoloured or painful tongue will indicate more serious conditions, including AIDS, or oral cancer and vitamin deficiencies.

Tongue Problems and Their Causes

Black Tongue:

Usually a harmless condition, black tongue will be caused by soft diet, dry mouth or poor oral hygine, medications and smoking. But it can also be associated with elongated tongue papilla that is typically caused by a change in the normal bacteria within the mouth after using antibiotic treatment.

White Tongue:

It is frequently a result of drug exposure from smoking or drinking alcohol. But, if there are white lines or bumps on the tongue then it can be an inflammation referred to as oral lichen planus that is usually caused by poor oral hygine, hepatitis C or allergies.

Swollen Tongue:

It is a less common condition and may need immediate attention because it can be a symptom of a bigger medical condition, like tongue cancer, leukemia, down syndrome and overactive thyroid. But if the swelling is sudden and for a small duration, it’s most likely to be an allergic reaction.

Red Tongue:

If the redness of the tongue disappears after some time then it’s most likely due to some red coloured foods that turned the tongue red. If the redness perseveres for long then it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition like vitamin deficiency or Kawasaki disease.

Hairy Tongue:

When the tongue appears to be hairy, is most likely caused by a course of antibiotics. It will also develop if you consume too much of an irritating substance, such as mouthwash or coffee, or if you smoke.

Bright pink Tongue:

Bright Pink tongue is generally caused by the deficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid or iron. But people who have an allergy to gluten can also get pink tongue occasionally after eating gluten foods.


Pain in the tongue is frequently a result of an injury caused by accidentally biting your tongue or of a minor infection. Another likely reason for pain is the development of canker sores on the tongue that are generally caused by a virus. Other, less general reasons for tongue pain include irritating dentures or braces, anemia, cancer & oral herpes.


A burning sensation on the tongue can be a symptom in women who are postmenopausal. It will also be caused by exposure to irritants, like by smoking.

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