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8 Steps to speed up your PC

Is your pc running slow? You PC may take too long to on start-up or shutting down. Trouble can be solving by attractive care of few things. I have given some easy steps by which your computer can complete improved than previous time. Here now we  learn 8 Steps to speed up your PC.

8 Steps to speed up your PC:-

Step 1:  Now run check Disk Right Click on at all drive and click on Properties, Select tools and then you will see 1st section of error checking.

Step 2: Remove temporary files, Open Run command and type %temp% and press Enter. At this instant delete each and every one file.

Step 3: Optimize your information Use Disk defragmenter to optimize your data. Go to start > all programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk Defragmenter.

Step 4: Boost Virtual memory some steps for that

  • Right Click on My computer and click on Properties.
  • Click on Advanced tab. Click on settings under Performance.
  • Click change to Restore Virtual Memory as you want.

Step 5: Add any spyware from your computer using Spybot search and destroy or use any other software.

Step 6: Restore registry error using software’s like cleaner speedy pro pc (computer)

Step 7: Stop unwanted Start-up programs Open Run command and type msconfig and push Enter. Stop programs you desire.

Step 8: Check for Hard drive errors Restart your computer and check for hard drive error. Fastest and easiest way to check errors.

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