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8 Foods you should never eat to lose weight

There are certain foods that you have to avoid to lose weight. Many of these foods are perceptibly unhealthy. In fact, here is a list of 8 foods you should never eat to lose weight.

White Rice

Not only does white rice have fewer nutrients than brown rice, your body will process it thus quickly it’s likely to send your blood sugar high. The effect is an energy crash that is soon to come, followed by cravings to eat different not thus healthy foods in a try for your body to feel energetic yet again. Select brown rice instead and enjoy extra nutrients with fewer future cravings.


As grapes are fruit that are healthy, they as well have a high sugar content which may start a cycle of cravings for different sweets that you can have a harder time walking away from. If you wish for to include grapes in your diet, simply make sure you forever pair them with a protein, like low calorie string cheese to maintain your blood sugar stable.

White Bread

White bread a high glycemic food. Add a pat of butter to it and currently you have made it worse by making it high calorie too. If given the option, select whole wheat over white and use a seasoned olive oil dip instead.

Low Calorie snacks

Although you can think you are doing your body well by selecting low calories snacks over their full fat counterparts, you are probably severely limiting if not completely stalling your weight loss efforts by doing so. Most low calorie snacks which you buy are too small to satisfy your appetite, thus you are better off eating real food if you are truly hungry.

Diet Soda

The artificial sweeteners in diet soda are shown through research to essentially cause weight gain as opposed to weight loss. Whether it’s that drinking them increase appetite or simply makes the consumer think that they will eat extra since they selected diet soda over regular is still undermined.

Certain Breakfast Cereals

Although a lot of breakfast cereals are lower in fat, a majority of them have a lot of sugar. Sugar provokes cravings & opens your body up to an entire host of health problems, making it difficult to lose weight while you don’t feel good. Select all natural or organic cereals that have a lot of protein and fibre in them instead.

Canned Soup

It’s convenient to open a will of soup for lunch or dinner, however doing so can help you pack on more pounds. The reason soup lasts about forever is because it’s loaded with sodium. And, after you eat high sodium foods, your body has a tough time determining when it’s full causing you to eat more than you should or be hungry relatively quickly once finishing your meal.

Frozen Meals

Freezer meals and frozen pizzas will be just as tempting as canned soup after you are in a time crunch. But, they too are loaded with salt to preserve them. This causes you to eat extra as well as your body retains excess water in an attempt to dilute the large volume of salt that you are taking in.

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