Vitamin C may reduce the Risk of Stroke

Vitamin C may reduce the Risk of Stroke

Vitamin C may reduce the Risk of StrokeEating of Vitamin C contain foods may reduce the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. It is found out in one research. Vitamin C can be found in Oranges, Peppers, Broccoli and Strawberry type of fruits and vegetables. hemorrhagic stroke is common then the Ischemic Stroke, but it is too dangerous.

The study covers the 65 people who had intra-Serebii hemorrhagic stroke or a broken blood vessel inside the brain. They were compared with 65 healthy people.

Vitamin C may reduce the Risk of StrokeParticipants were investigated about the level of Vitamin C i the blood and found that 41 percentage people have the normal levels of vitamin C, while other 45 percentage people’s were not having vitamin C and 14 percent people were having deficient Vitamin C.

Those people had stroke, in which Vitamin C was over, while those who had normal levels of Vitamin C they never had stroke.

Pontchaillou University Hospital at Rennes in France and co-authored Stephen Veneer Said, “Our Results Indicates that some kind of Stroke caused by the deficiency of the Vitamin C.”

Veneer also said that Vitamin C have other benefits, such as production of the Protein “collagen” which found in Bones, Skin and Tissue.

Deficiency of Vitamin C is concerned with heart attack. The study was presented in the 66th Annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

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