healthy Breakfast ideas for Women

Top 10 healthy Breakfast ideas for Women

Top 10 healthy Breakfast ideas for Women

Are you tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important food of the day? Have you been skipping breakfast because of morning queasiness or just your hectic schedule? Do you often find yourself saying, I will just have an apple since I cannot decide what to eat?

Then we are describing some healthy breakfast choice to ease your morning and to make sure that you never miss this essential meal of the day. Following are some healthy breakfasts for Women which are given as below:

Energy booster breakfast Lover:

Oats with milk and dried berries wet with flaxseeds or chia seeds + Green Tea.

Protein Load breakfast Lover:

Mushroom veggie cheese omelette cover in multi-grain Roti + White Tea /Kashmiri Kahwa. Tea.

Fat burning breakfast Lover:

Vegetable juice + Egg white omelette + 1 tbsp(Table Spoon) Pumpkin seeds.

Fibre Packed breakfast Lover:

Cous Cous vegfie Upma mixed with wheat bran and sunflower seeds + Fruit Vegetable Juice.

Authentic India breakfast Lover:

Suuffed paratha with curds + Masala Tea

Light Indian breakfast Lover:

Dosa or Idlis or Uttapam with Sambhar and Green Chutney + Coconut Water or Filter Coffee.

Quick breakfast Lover:

Weetabix bran bar with milk or fruit with Buttermilk.

Exotic breakfast buffet Lover:

Whole Wheat Croissant + Eggs to Order + Mashroom Corn Cup + Baked Beans + fruit Tart + Light Coffee.

Healthy HomeMade breakfast Lover:

Sprout Poha / Dalia Upma / Moong Dal Chilla + Masala Tea.

Superb pre-workout breakfast Lover:

Fruit and milk smoothie with nuts.

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