Dry Eye Syndrome : Symptoms and Precaution

Dry Eye SyndromeContinuously working on computer can create many problems for eyes; one of them is called Dry Eye Syndrome. So you need to give rest to your eyes while working and you should have to be aware for your food diet. Further, you should do testing for your eyes on periodically. If you are going out of your house, you should use good quality of eye glasses. Which can helps you from sun rays and dust. Also you should wash your eyes continuously with cold water. It will give relaxation to your eyes.

Dry Eye SyndromeYou should use green vegetables, fresh fruits and milk in your regular diet. It can prevent you from many eyes diseases. It also helps to expand the eye vision. Nowadays dry eye syndrome diseases are increasing rapidly. Due to the constantly work on the computer. In this either tears will reduce or you can lose the eye vision.

Dry Eye SyndromeAccording to the researchers, the person who regularly work on computer for two to three hours continuously, they can get the sign of Computer vision syndrome. But with the help of some precaution can be avoid eye problems. While working on the
computer, you should continuously open and close your eyes lashes. With this the tears will spread over your eyes, which not allow your eyes to get dryness. Dry Eye SyndromeThe moisture will persist in the eyes. You should put anti-glare screen on your computer screen while working. Also remember and keep some distance from the computer while working, because computer screen has direct impact on your eyes.

Symptoms of the Dry Eye Syndrome:

A stinging sensation in the eyes

A burning sensation in the eyes

Feeling of dryness in the eyes

Feeling of grittiness and soreness in the eyes

String mucus in or around the eyes

Eye sensitivity to smoke

Eye Sensitivity to Wind

Redness of the eyes

Eye fatigue, even after reading for relatively short period

Photophobia – sensitivity to light

Discomfort when wearing the contact lenses

Double Vision

Eyelids stick together when waking up