Black tea is beneficial for Heart

Black TeaBlack tea is beneficial for Heart:

Black tea can help to reduce the weight but, also beneficial for the healthy heart.

According to the new research, in black Tea found one type of abundance flavonoid, Qwa Sertin (क्व र्सटीन), which can protect arteries from the damage due to oxidation and reduce the cardiovascular related diseases. Flavonoid is simple pigment compounds found in plants, which acts as an antioxidant, which can increase the affects of the Vitamin C and can protect the blood vessel from the surrounding connective tissue.

Black TeaUniversity of Western Australia’s School of medicine research fellow Neteli Ward and Pharmacology Professorial fellow, Kevin Croft, based on the an experiment conducted on Mouse said, “Our Finding is suggested that the Qwa Sertin (क्व र्सटीन) is capable to protect the vessels from the damage due to the oxidant.”

Black TeaAccording to the observation of the Research journal of Biochemical Pharmacology, flavonoid can reduce the high blood pressure and can develop the atherosclerosis.

According to the statement of the World University, Ward and Croft said, In future heart Blood vessels related studies; we need to consider using the different types of flavonoid food sources.

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