Best healthy Indian breakfast

Best healthy Indian breakfast

We have heard many times that doctors are saying the benefits of a healthy breakfast. It’s important to have healthy start for a long day to keep our self energetic for full day to finish our work. But, having same breakfast of porridge, oats and cereals can be so boring and that what you want to avoid. So, if you have time to prepare an elaborate breakfast in the morning? Well the answer will be no. Here we are providing you the top five healthy Indian breakfasts which can be prepared easily and instantly, which can give you boost of energy to start your day.

Best healthy Indian breakfastAloo Paratha:

A simple and easy to prepare flattened bread with a filling of Boil aloo, this aloo parathas, are favourite in most of the Indian Houses. Everyone is having their own recopies to prepare this. Parathas are nutritious breakfast for morning and that having a power punch in it.

Best healthy Indian breakfastDosa & Idli:

Nowadays pre-mixed Dosa and Idli batters are available in the market which can be prepared easily and instantly. It’s containing several Vitamins and Minerals. This is also one of the best and healthy breakfasts for the morning which can give you energy to kick start your day. One Idli contains 1 milligram of Iron and trace amounts of Calcium, potassium and vitamins. Iron keeps your blood Oxygenated in your body. Men need 8 milligram of Iron while women need 18 milligrams.

Best healthy Indian breakfastUpma:

A favourite breakfast item, upma made out of “Suji”, can be ready instantly and work well as healthy breakfast option. You can add vegetables for punch of vitamins, carbohydrates and Iron. This can be good for overall health and a good option for your busy day.

Best healthy Indian breakfastPoha:

Its flattened rice takes little time for preparation and testes great. You can use some peas and veggies to make it for nutritious.

Best healthy Indian breakfastIndian Style Eggs:

Boiled Eggs, Boiled Eggs Sandwich, Omlet and Bhurji are healthy breakfast and very easy to prepare. As we all know eggs having Portions and all other nutrition which helpful for health.

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