9 Reasons Teachers Rock

9 Reasons Teachers Rock

9 Reasons Teachers RockThe education area has been all gloom and doom recently, with Watching for Superman, Protests with bad press, and additional standard on high of foolish mandates coming down from each which means.

At teach HUB, we would like to remind all you teachers that we all know you rock. Here are some reasons.

  • Teacher rock as a result of they are able to make sixty decisions a minute, all whereas sipping cold coffee, helping children overcome trouble in reading and subtraction with regrouping and filling out about a few million forms in triplicate.
  • Teacher will cause you to feel special, no matter what your age.
  • In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It’s invisible and remains so, may be for 20 years.
  • When asked what created them smile today, 80% of teacher answered with a student’s accomplishment or kindness.
  • The average teacher spends 11.6 hours per week on non-compensated duties.
  • Teachers have the work to show tomorrow what is important.
  • If a doctor, lawyer and dentist had forty (40) people in his workplace at just one time, all of whom had completely different needs and few of whom didn’t need to be there and were causing trouble and doctor, lawyer and dentist while not assistant, had to treat all with skilled excellence for 9 months, then he may need some conception of the classroom teacher’s job.
  • From towel rolls to cell phones, lecturers can turn almost into a teaching.
  • Teachers have eyes within the back of their heads.

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