You have heard about the world’s big, beautiful and horror lakes but today we will tell you about the world’s 10 underground lakes. There are also lakes beneath the surface of the earth. That called the Underground Lakes. Tourist also likes to see the beauty of these Underground lakes. These lakes are several years old and still it’s so beautiful.

underground lakes - careinfo.inReed Flute Lake

Reed Flute Lake is China’s most Famous underground Lake. This lake is known as the attraction landmark for the tourist. The lake is located in the province of China’s Guilin. It was found 1300 years before in the Tang Empire. It is made from natural colour and which is the centre of attraction since 1200 years. This lake is 18 Million years Old.

underground lakes - careinfo.inHamilton Pool

Thousands of years ago because of the massive erosion dome were collapsed and Hamilton pool was made natural way. This pool is 23 miles to the west of Austin. Hamilton Austin is famous among swimmers and thousand of peoples are coming here for holyday.

underground lakes - careinfo.inCheddar Gorge

Cheddar is made from lime stone in England’s village near to the Mandeep hills. In the Cheddar cave England’s people used to keep the death body and body of Cheddar Man. This cave is 9000 years old and it was founded in 1903. Here rather than cave many other places are which can attract you and which now most famous place is for tourists. This valley is made of lime stone and it’s result of an underground flowing river.

underground lakes - careinfo.inMelissani Lake

This underground lake is located in the northwest of the Sami’s Kefalonia. It was created in 1953 when because of earth quake suddenly the part of earth shifted. This is lake is in the Melisani cave.This cave is surrounded by forest.

underground lakes - careinfo.inLechuguilla Lake

Lechuguilla Lake is 7th largest lake and deepest lake in the world. This lake’s depth is 1604 feet or 489 meters. This lake was named Lechuguilla because at the starting of the lake you will find the plant whose name is Lechuguilla. In the United States this place is centre attraction for the tourist.

underground lakes - careinfo.inYucatan Lake

This underground lake is in the cave of Yucatan Peninsula near to Macan Che. Mexico’s this lake is one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. According to the research, this lake was built 20 million years ago.  It’s been hidden for many years from the tourist due to some reasons.

underground lakes - careinfo.inCavern Lake

This underground lake is also in Mexico. In this cave limestone walls appear like water fall. It is approximately 40 kilometers from east of Thunder Bay. Ontario’s largest cave is built above 27 meter of the cavern Lake. The width of the entrance is 2.5 meters. Bat cave is also there In the Cavern Lake. That’s why visitors are not allowing there.

underground lakes - careinfo.inBanff Underwater lake

 This lake is in the Canada’s Banff National Park.

underground lakes - careinfo.inLuray Caverns

 This lake is located in the Virginia in the USA.

underground lakes - careinfo.inWookey Hole

Wookey hole cave is the largest cave in the UK. It is located in Somerset. According to the research and because of its built structure it may be from the Iron Age. This lake is very deep. Till now the 13th Chamber has been discovered.