Vitamin D may Protect against the Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer -  Vitamin D may Protect against the Prostate Cancer: Vitamin D can reduce or eliminated the low-grade prostate without any Surgery or Radiation Therapy (Laser Treatment). Medical University of South Carolina’s Bruce Hollis Said, “We cannot say surely that Because of Vitamin D Prostate cancer can cure fully, but it can save surely.” Hollis said, “This can prevent Low grade Prostate cancer to convert in to Ballistic.”

prostate cancer - careinfo.inThese results were presented in to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) 294th Meeting and exhibition. Prior to removal of Enlarged prostate organ by surgery from a person, after the biopsy should have to wait for 60 days until the reduction of the inflammation which caused by the Biopsy. Hollis said, “During this 60 days period if vitamin D can be given to these people so, it can impact on the Prostate cancer. Hollis’s team did this study on the 37 peoples who was having the low-grade prostate cancer.

prostate cancer - careinfo.inThese people were divided in two groups, one group was given Vitamin D every day and the other group was not. 60 days later, the prostate glands were removed from the two groups of men and tested again. The initial results of the research shown that those who had taken vitamin D improved their prostate tumours, whereas those who didn’t got the Vitamin D dose was having the same Enlarged prostate or its condition had worsened.

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