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bbc documentary - careinfo.inUnited Kingdom’s Daughters-An Indian man’s response to BBC Documentary

Last Week on the International Women’s Day, the British Media BBC has released the Delhi Gang Rape based Documentary “India’s Daughter”, but in India BBC didn’t have the permission to release this documentary. BBC has already released this documentary in Britain before eight March and also uploaded on YouTube and watched by millions of people online. Many People believe that BBC has given the name of the Documentary “India’s Daughter”, and exploits India’s Image on the International Level. In the protest of this BBC Documentary one Indian has prepared one Documentary called “United Kingdom’s Daughter”.

bbc documentary - careinfo.inThe person who had prepared this documentary, he said ‘There is nothing new in this Documentary video, only depicted the events which are published by BBC and I just want to show them the face of their society.”

Also he saying that when BBC had prepared the Documentary on Rape they gave the name “I Never Said Yes” but for India’s Gang Rape case they gave the Name “India’s Daughter”. It seems that all Indians are rapist and all Indian People need to learn the morality lesson and it’s definitely malign the image of India. Share this video with your friends so, that the rest of world can see the reality.

bbc documentary - careinfo.inThis Documentary “United Kingdom’s Daughter” is now tendering on the Twitter. This documentary talks about the Rape situation of Western Countries. According to the Documentary, in UK everyday 250 girls are getting raped.

bbc documentary - careinfo.inAlso the Documentary claimed that, a one third British believe that women are responsible for the rape.

According to the Documentary the figure shown about the Murder of the women after being raped is very low, because women are not opposed to rape. As shown in the BBC’s Delhi Gang Rape Documentary, accused Mukesh is admitting that if that girl would not have opposed so, they would not killed her or beaten her male friend.

bbc documentary - careinfo.inThe Documentary “United Kingdom’s Daughters” claims that rape is not a problem for any one country, it is a global Problem.


This Documentary was released on 9th march 2015.