The Most Useful Mobile Applications for Health and Fitness

The Most Useful Mobile Applications for Health and Fitness:

The number of mobile health apps has downloaded recently. As the peoples are becoming more conscious about health and nowadays mobile is part of our life. Also nowadays mobile devices became more advanced. There is no any doubt that people are using several applications for their daily life routine.

Here are several android and iOS application for health related issue which are now in use.

Health and Fitness - careinfo.iniTriage

ITriage was one of the first health applications. This application is one stop shop for your entire health requirement and it’s also continuing to improve. By this application users can see their health record, look up medical symptoms, and search for doctors, view hospital and much more.

Health and Fitness - careinfo.inWebMD

This application is the popular source for medical information; WebMD’s Mobile application provides information related to health in user-friendly format. You can find symptoms checking, Drugs side effects, first Aid essentials and also the app allow users to get information they need fast and accurately.

Health and Fitness - careinfo.inCalorie Counter

Calorie Counter is offers a database of over 3,000,000 foods and boasts a “Fast food and Exercise Entry”. In this app users can add friends to track and share each other’s progress. Besides food, this app can track 3350 exercises.


My Tracks

This is Google’s Own fitness app. This App Health and Fitness - careinfo.inrecords the user’s speed, distance path and elevation while she or he walks, runs, bikes. Users can see their data anytime live. This app also can connect to few other sensors like Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Polar WearLink Bluetooth heart rate monitor and ANT+ heart rate and speed distance monitors.

Health and Fitness - careinfo.inCVS Pharmacy

CVS’s app has a many general features like ordering photos of pick up, creating a mobile ExtraCare card and accessing weekly deals, the app also have many health features. It does include the ability to refill, transfer and manage prescriptions, revisiting the prescription history, scan a pill bottle to refill and finding a local CVS.

Health and Fitness - careinfo.inInstant Heart Rate  

This app made by fitness app and device maker Azumio. User can use in-built camera to track color changes on the fingertip which indicate the user’s heart rate.

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