nigella seedsNigella Sativa Seeds (Black Seed) : Natural Remedy for The Asthma

Nigella Sativa Seeds is an important spice in the kitchen. Alothough its called onion seeds, but it does not directly related to the Onions. Nigella Sativa Seedsare belongs to Ranunculaceae plant. It is also neggallaknow by the name of Roman Coriander. It used in different dishes, Vegetables, Nan, Bread, cakes and pickle etc. Nigella Sativa Seeds Aroma and Flavour can be enjoyed in the many different dishes. In addition to its fragrance Nigella Sativa Seeds are considered useful in treatment many diseases. In Ayurveda also can get the details of its use.

negallaNigella Sativa Seeds contain Nutrients such as Carbohydrates, Protein and Healthy fat. It also contain the essential fatty acids as well as Omega – 6 (Linoleic Acid), Omega – 3 (Alfa – Linoleic Acid) and Moega – 9 (Mufa). In Addition, antihistamine properties can be loosening the muscles of the breathing tube & can make immune systems strong and also can help against Cough, Asthma and bronchitis etc. Nigella Sativa Seeds also contain Antioxidant which can prevent against cancer.

asthama1Asthma is a serious disease that affects the Breathing tube. Breathing tube can move the air in and out from the lungs. Because of Asthma it’s getting swelling and becoming extremely sensitive. Because of this sensitiveness its reacts sharply if any disturbing thing came to contact and due to reaction this vessels are getting asthama3narrow, in this situation air flow is decreases in the lung. That’s why symptoms can be causes like Cough, Nasal Voice, Hard Chest, shortness of breath in night and morning.

imagesThere are several Medications for asthma prevention. However, many of these drugs have side effect, if you seeking relief by naturally from the various problems of asthma then Nigella Sativa Seeds can be selected as the unique options.

download (4)According to the recent research, Nigella Sativa Seeds containing the important essential component Thaimikvinon and it have the power to control Asthma, Initially researchers got optimistic results from the Studies revealed on the Animal. Further research on humans was also confirmed that the Nigella Sativa Seeds are having therapeutic power to reduce the Asthma. Researchers also found this seeds can give the strengthening to the lungs of the Asthma Patients and helps to fight the inflammation and provides relief against such problems.

Asthma- careinfo.inNigella Sativa Seeds eliminates inflammation in asthma Diseases. In addition to asthma, Nigella Sativa Seeds help in treatment of other problems such as sinusitis, stress breathing and Chest Pressure etc.

download (1)Nigella Sativa Seeds can be used after being crushed and mixing with water and milk. You can also use Nigella seed’s oil with Honey to get relief from the Asthma Symptoms. In addition, you can use Nigella Sativa Seeds in many download (2)varieties of dishes, pulses, Asthma- careinfo.invegetable and also you can use it on bread for getting the benefits.

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