Indias daughters -

This is the questioned asked by the Indian to India’s government. Why they are stop  ping to releasing the Documentary Indian nirbhaya1Daughters in India. Why some peoples are against to this Indian Daughters Documentary. What is shown in this   Indian Daughters Documentary? First of all let’s know what is the Nirbhaya case?

This is about the Gang Rape which happened in Delhi on 16th December 2012.  In which a 23 year girl was raped and assaulted by some people. This incident was happened in Munirka, South Delhi. On 16th December 2012, Nirbhaya she is a 23 year old girl and she was doing Intern in Physiotherapy. She was good students and was having dreams to provide free medical services after her graduation, but the dreams also died with her. As she got assaulted and gang raped on 16th nirbhayaDecember 2012 in private bus, in which she was travelling with her male friend. They aboard the private bus to home from south Delhi, there were only six men in the bus who were travelling. Those all men initially abused her for going out at night with a man who was not her husband. Then after they took turns her rape and beat her with an iron rod, and this things was continued for more than an hour as the bus was travelling. They had beaten very badly her male friend also.

After both the victims fell unconscious and they were thrown out of the bus on a flyover and left for bead. When they arrived at Delhi’s Safdarjung Government hospital, the doctors found she had suffered severe internal injuries that could have been cause by the iron rod.

After she suffered a heart attacks and breathing problems before Indian doctor decided to end her to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital for treatment, but she didn’t survived for long and she took last breath on 29th December 2012.

Delhi police found some suspects within 24 hours of the crime and arrested six men who were in connection with the incident. They includes Ram Singh, bus driver and his brother Mukesh Singh, both were arrested in Rajasthan. Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Juvenile (17 years old) were arrested in Delhi. Akshay Thakur was arrested in Aurngabad.

The Indian court had awarded capital punishment to the four “Hanged till Death” but still they are not hanged.

Why it took so long time for sentenced the punishment for them and why still not executed. Why Indian law can’t be strict on this kind of crimes and criminals against Indian Daughters. Why can’t India give the extreme punishment to the accused so, no one will think or dare to do it again with anyone.

nirbhaya2Let’s see the comparison of the punishment of rape in India and other countries.

Saudi Arabia: Public beheading is the capital punishment for Murder, rape, drug Trafficking

China: Death Sentence is given by a single bullet fired at the spinal cord joining the neck

North Korea: Firing Bullet in Head of person who have committed rapes and hence provides instant justice to the victim.

Afghanistan: Punishing the Rapist by tow way. One is hanging the Person to death and second is Death by a Firing squad.

 Iran: Death Penalty for rapist by Hanging till Death.

France: 30 years of imprisonment for the rapists or even life imprisonment.

Why can’t Indian law become strong like this?