BudgetFinance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced NDA government’s full budget of financial year 2015-16. During the Budget Finance minister Arun Jaitley said “It’s important to improve and providing good & fully equipped hospitals to all the villages so, he proposed to open new hospitals in the village. In addition to improving the health sector he had done announcement for several proposal in health sector. Let’s see those proposals.

Proposals to open new hospital in every village

BudgetTo improve public health, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speak during the budget speech that in every village need good health facilities for good treatment, for this he proposed to open new hospitals in villages and he also announced to open hospitals like AIIMS in another five states.

To open AIIMS in Assam, Tamilnadu, Panjab, Hariana and Jammu-kashmir

To improved health facilities do not have to go out from their own state, the finance Minister has proposed a plan to build a five states AIIMS. In which AIIMS will be open in Assam, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Harayana and Jammu & Kashmir.

During this budget Finance Minister announced total 33152 Cr Rupees for Health Care sector.

In addition to this he also announced that the Health Insurance premium exemption limit has been increased from Rs. 15 Thousand to Rs. 25 Thousand and for senior citizens it’s increased from Rs. 20 Thousands to Rs.30 Thousand.