Learning will be always throughout the age. Continuously learning and to take benefit from it, this is the only human trends. Human’s wit and wisdom is making better that other animal on planate. That’s why it’s too important to remain consistent to our talent, especially for the students to get good score in their education. Here are some points which can make our memory power strong.

  1. Learn things by adding with each other.

memory-2-650x433Whatever new things you are learning, just add them with old things. For example, the length of the Yamuna River (1376 Km) so, you can add it with Taj Mahal. So, you can remember the important things for both.

  1. Keep Repeating

memory1When you are repeating something’s in your mind. So, it’s easy to remember. Either you keep repeating things in your mind. You can continue writing those things on the paper. This will help you to remember that word.

  1. Use some Method

memory2If you’re trying to remember some events, then you can use some idea. Suppose you have to remember the name of the Nine Planets in English, so you can try this method in which every first letters of words comes from the Name of planets “My Very Educated Mother just showed Us Nine Planets”,.

  1. Write on Flash Card

memory3When you have to keep remember some important historical date or formula, so you can write them on the flash card and whenever you need, you can see the cards.

  1. Sing and increase Memory Power

memory4Because of its rhythmic music can be easily merged in your mind. Set those things on your favourite songs, which you want to remember. By this you can keep it remember for long time.

  1. Imagination about what you are reading

memory5Whatever you read please try to create picture in your brain. This way you can keep remember the things for long time. When you are reading something, start thinking about those words. Think how it would look like etc.

  1. Always give Example

memory6When you see something by adding in the real life examples, then it becomes easier for brain to repeat those. Our brain can able to remember that facts easily. It is said that human can hardly use five to seven percentage of brain in whole life. The rest remains untouched. However, to improve your memory, you must have to do Brain Exercise.